COVID RESPONSE: NHRMC Environmental Services Is Front and Center

June 09, 2020
robot EVS

NHRMC’s Environmental Services team is always an integral part of preventing the spread of infection and keeping patients safe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, EVS teams have been even more visible as they help ensure NHRMC facilities are clean and safe for patients and staff alike.

In addition to standard cleaning practices, NHRMC started using germ-killing robots to help sanitize patient areas and N95 masks for safe reuse. This team was an integral part in ensuring we were conserving PPE by using the UV light cleaning process for our N95 masks efficiently and effectively. 

The EVS team jumped head first into learning more about this new cleaning tool and integrated the new process into their standard work quickly.

The robot emits a UV light that will destroy viruses, pathogens and bacteria while disinfecting an entire patient room in as little as 20 minutes. These robots were purchased to provide an extra level of sanitation and to enhance the standard cleaning performed by the EVS staff. NHRMC currently has a robot at the 17th Street campus and at the NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital.

“During this time of uncertainty and fear, we are extremely proud of how our staff responded to this crisis, meeting it head on while smiling day in and day out,” said Nick Green, Operations Manager, Environmental Services. “And the love and support they have received from the community and the organization has just been tremendous and unmatched.”

Thank you to our entire Environmental Services team for your dedication to quality and patient safety.