Use Alternate Spaces to Maintain Social Distancing During Breaks

June 26, 2020
6 feet apart
With every work shift comes the employee break -- a chance to take a few minutes to eat lunch, or just take a quick breather.
Even while we are taking a break, though, we must remain vigilant about following safety protocols. Attached are guidelines for employees to follow during their break time. These include the important steps of distancing, proper mask removal, and hand hygiene.
Leaders have been recently asked to identify alternate spaces in which employees can take a break and maintain the necessary 6 feet distancing between coworkers. This includes open meeting rooms and outdoor space. Please check with your leader for solutions in your work area.

Take a Break Flyer

Additional organizational areas are available including

  • Open seating in the cafeteria
  • Cafeteria courtyard
  • Women's & Children's lobby
  • NHRMC Auditorium
The Environmental Services team will continue to ensure these areas are disinfected and cleaned regularly.