Students to Return to NHRMC Campus on May 26

May 19, 2020

Some students in degree-granting programs will return to campus on May 26. They must adhere to all NHRMC safety protocols, including masking and self-screening.

Job shadowing for students will remain placed on hold for the foreseeable future.

Phased reintroduction of students at NHRMC

Degree Granting Programs - Clinical Experiences

  • Students enrolled in degree granting programs requiring clinical rotations for graduation in 2021 will be considered for reintroduction into a clinical learning environment starting May 26.
  • Reintroduction terms and provisions are as follows:
    • In the initial phase of reintroducing rotations, students will not be assigned to COVID-19 positive patients.
    • Students must have been residing in our region (surrounding 5 counties) for at least 14 days.
    • Students exhibiting signs of COVID-19 infection will not be able to enter the clinical learning environment until tested and determined not to be infectious.
    • Students working in environments that expose them to aerosolized particles, i.e., intubations and delivery of nebulized medications, must undergo N95 fit testing and use an N95 mask while on rotation.
    • Students using N95 masks (for non-COVID patients) will follow the policy for N95 mask reuse.

    Degree Granting Programs - Non-Clinical Experiences

  • Students enrolled in degree-granting programs requiring non-clinical experiences may be introduced into non-clinical settings starting on May 26.


  • Students shadowing in healthcare settings have been placed on hold and shall remain so for the foreseeable future.

    All Students

  • All students will be expected to wear face masks, either community made or surgical face masks, while on NHRMC property except for those students who must wear N95 masks due to exposure to aerosolized particles