NHRMC Welcomes 27 New Employees at May 18 Orientation

May 20, 2020

NHRMC welcomed 27 new hires to the team during Virtual New Employee Orientation on May 18.

Please welcome: 

  • Kristy Benfield, Social Worker
  • Katelyn Johnson, EVS Assistant
  • Daniel Hopps, Special Police Officer
  • Matthew Moroney, Special Police Officer
  • Douglas Mills, Pharmacy Technician III
  • Aaron Hoffman, Med. Lab Technician
  • Ariella Titcomb, Med. Lab Technician
  • Jessica Warne, Med. Lab Technician
  • Blair Gore, Med. Lab Technician
  • Gary Greenway, Reg. Respiratory Therapist
  • Kevin Sketers, EVS Assistant
  • Brandon Smith, EVS Assistant
  • Deborah Abel, LPN
  • Ben Bowden, Staff Nurse
  • Ashley Brooks, Staff Nurse
  • Andrea Cahill, Talent Acquisition Consultant I
  • Laura Cody, Staff Nurse
  • Jodi Erickson, Staff Nurse
  • Elizabeth Hawkins, Staff Nurse
  • Lauren Miller, Sitter/Nurse Aide I
  • Brenda Molnar-McAlpin, Staff Nurse
  • Ruby Ramirez-Perez, Nurse Aide I
  • Chris Reed, Medical Assistant II
  • Alyssa Scott, Nurse Aide I
  • Ellen Sposa Morin, WOC Nurse
  • Jacquelyn Stevenson, Nurse Aide I
  • Cole Thompson, Business Intern