NHRMC Home Care Nurse Donna Harned Named May Employee of Excellence

May 06, 2020
EOE May 2020

Fittingly on Nurses Day, Donna Harned of NHRMC was named NHRMC’s Employee of Excellence for May. Donna was honored for taking care of our most vulnerable patients, taking ownership of her work, and going above and beyond to ensure that her patients are protected.

Donna serves her community as a weekend nurse for NHRMC Home Care. She often sees more patients than she is required to, and sometimes she is the only nurse available. If a co-worker needs time off, she volunteers to cover their patients. She has even postponed her own vacation because she was needed.

She provides a calm, reassuring voice to her patients and works to ensure that they have access to proper nutrition. She helps them overcome any barriers between them and their best possible health.

And this is not her job, it’s who she is. Donna is described as “the epitome of kindness and compassion.” She traveled out of state to help care for a young family, she cares for her own mother, and she has served as a foster mother. “Her love and compassion for others know no bounds.”

Donna does heroic work every week, improving the lives of those she cares for. On Easter Sunday, she graduated from hero to superhero.

When Donna arrived at a patient’s home in an apartment complex, she smelled smoke outside and inside the residence. The fire was in the mulch outside the building. Donna removed the patient from the residence and called 911. Firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the fire, and traced the fire back to an electrical problem inside a wall.

Donna’s actions kept many people from being endangered on Easter Sunday. She may have saved lives.

Once the situation was under control and family had arrived to care for her patient, Donna went on to see her next patient.

Later on Easter Sunday Donna was treated for smoke inhalation, but she was back at work within a few days.

For springing into action and protecting her patient from harm, Donna Harned is NHRMC’s May Employee of Excellence.