Details for Nov. 17 Workforce Management Phase 1 Go Live

November 13, 2019
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Infor Workforce Management will be going live with Phase 1 departments on Sunday, November 17.

Here is important information you need to know prior to go-live:               

Go Live Support:

You can access Infor Workforce Management on the CapsLive dropdown menu. Please note there are two options -- unless you are a manager, you'll be using Employee Transaction Manager.

* Quick tip: The app is listed alphabetically under "I" for Infor Workforce Management.

Employee and Manager Subject Matter Experts will be rounding with their areas at go-live. They will be front-line support to answer any questions. If you have any how-to questions as it relates to Workforce Management, please contact your manager or your department’s Employee SME to answer those questions.

An extensive section on SharePoint includes detailed instructions for many Workforce Management tasks. From the Sharepoint homepage, hover over "Departments" and then "Cross Departmental Projects" and click on "Work Force Management."

Command Center Numbers

The WFM Go Live Command Center will be located in the Small Training Room on the 3rd floor Business Center.  Beginning at 10 p.m. Saturday, November 16, go live support staff will be in the command center finalizing cutover tasks for the WFM go live. Support staff will be in that location until 5 p.m. Tuesday, November 19.

Command Center Phone Lines will be available during this time to report issues or to answer questions:

  • Scheduling Phone Lines:  667-4734 and 667-4234
  • Timecard/Payroll Phone Lines:  667-4181 and 667-4030
  • IT/Mobility/Time Clock Phone Lines:  667-4727 and 667-4990

At most WFM time clocks, someone will be available at shift change to assist employees with how to clock in and out from the new clocks for the first few days of go-live.  Flyers will be posted at the new time clocks with instructions as well as cutover information.

* Quick tip: Swiping with Infor Workforce Management is opposite of Kronos. If your first attempt does not work, check to ensure your badge is facing the right direction when swiping.

Time Clock Information:

If you are a part of the Phase 1 group and you work Saturday night 11/16 and into Sunday, you will need to clock in and out of Kronos because your shift starts prior to the go live.  On your next shift, you should begin using the WFM time clocks.

Anyone starting their shift on or after midnight Sunday morning 11/17 should clock into the new WFM time clocks.

Kronos clocks will still be up in the hospital in many areas since we are not yet live with all of NHRMC.  WFM time clocks will be in areas close to the departments of the Phase 1 group and has been communicated to your managers.

For more information regarding where your time clock is located and which clocks you can use, click HERE.