Joshua Tucker Named NHRMC Leader of Excellence

October 02, 2019
Joshua Tucker LOE Group CL 800 p

For shooting straight and leading initiatives that accomplish goals, Joshua Tucker, Director of Radiology, has been named the next NHRMC Leader of Excellence!

Joshua was nominated by leaders from various departments, and the comments were consistent. He takes ownership of projects, is responsive to requests, engages team members and gets results.

Since Joshua has become a leader, he has reduced the number of Tier 3 departments in his division from 7 to 3 and now, to 0. Employee turnover is less than 6 percent in his departments. This is reflective of his leadership, communication, ownership and compassion.

This “straight shooter’s” communication skills stand out as exemplary.

Joshua’s peers say:

  • He has a friendly and open style which is why team members and direct reports feel comfortable engaging him. He is one of the most diligent I have seen in following up on issues and closing the loop.
  • He is a masterful communicator.He is direct but thoughtful in how he delivers messages. You don't question where you stand with him - he is a straight shooter.
  • He has excellent relationships with physicians. He can deliver challenging and difficult messages effectively, and he is not afraid to ask questions when others will not.
  • He does an INCREDIBLE job communicating. When I ask a question, he responds (either via email, text or phone) well before I ever expect it.

His peers say Joshua is the first to help a teammate by jumping in to assist or offering to help problem solve.

When one of his peers was double booked and needed someone to help out, she emailed 20 co-workers. Joshua was the first to respond, readily accepting the responsibility of Administrator on Call. On that Monday, the mass casualty drill was announced, and Joshua was suddenly the incident commander! He missed hours of his regular work duties to fill this role. When the leader expressed her appreciation for his coverage including the incident commander requirement, his response was “No problem. I enjoyed it!”

It’s this dedication to growth that helps him achieve so much.

This leader has:

  • Established a new guideline that lets women self-refer for mammograms. Because of this, NHRMC met its screening mammography goal. More importantly, he changed the landscape for generations of women to come by removing a barrier to care.

He also has:

  • Led the Pediatric Head CT reduction project, which earned a Silver Touchstone Award
  • Led the Strategic A3 retail initiative
  • Helped with the implementation and roll-out of RTLS
  • Embraced the Radiology leadership at Pender Memorial, and helped them expand their MRI services from one day a week to two days a week
  • Helped Pender achieve a 10 percent increase in Radiology Operations

Congratulation to Joshua Tucker, Leader of Excellence!