Hero Points Updated for Leaders; More NHRMC Options Available in Store

October 23, 2019
Due to the tremendous utilization of HERO, NHRMC’s new rewards and recognition program, all managers, directors and leadership M2P points have been reloaded as of Friday, October 18. These points are used to recognize direct reports extraordinary efforts including great teamwork, communication, compassion and ownership. Points will be reloaded again in the future based on utilization. Peer-to-peer points will continue to be updated monthly. 

New NHRMC Branded Items

New NHRMC branded items have been added to the HERO rewards section. Under the “custom items” section, there are eleven new NHRMC items to choose from, including pullovers, bucket coolers, tumblers, backpacks and more.

HERO personalized items

For more information about HERO, click here.