NHRMC Reaffirms Commitment to Employees through Nearly $30 Million in Salary Increases and Awards

October 08, 2019
CL Compensation Illustration

New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s vision for the future includes cultivating a diverse and extraordinary workforce dedicated to our mission. It’s through the strength of our team that we achieve our goals for better patient care and every priority that supports it.

That’s why NHRMC is pleased to announce a significant investment in growing and supporting our workforce so our system can attract and keep the best and, together, make great strides in improving the health of our region.

This investment totals nearly $30 million in additional spending.

A large portion of this budget is for nearly $12 million in market adjustments, affecting more than 4,100 employees in 243 positions. The market adjustments include raising the Healthy Community Wage to $12.50 per hour, up from $11.85 per hour.  It also includes an increase of $2.13 per hour for acute care nurses working in caregiving positions that require an RN or LPN degree. This rate was determined to put NHRMC’s average nursing salaries, for both new and experienced RNs, among the top in the state. 

These adjustments will come in addition to the annual merit increases, which are available to everyone and will total $8.5 million in 2019.  

“By rewarding staff for their job performance, ownership, teamwork, communication and compassion, and challenging ourselves to make our salaries more competitive, we are building a team that can help us achieve our mission,” said John Gizdic, NHRMC President and CEO. “Our ability to grow and improve is dependent on having a robust and engaged team of dedicated individuals.”

In addition to salary increases, NHRMC will give one-time recognition awards to nurses and CNAs who have worked exceptionally hard over the past year to provide care while the number and acuity of our acute care patients have grown. Nearly $7 million in recognition awards will be given out, depending on position and the number of hours worked in 2019.

In addition, NHRMC has budgeted a significant amount to fill new positions, as we continue to expand our clinical staff to meet the demands of our growing community.

Meanwhile, NHRMC will keep benefit contributions and coverage the same in 2020 as they have been, and add additional benefits, such as a new employee and specialty pharmacy, a new childcare option, and adjusting the dental plan so dependents can be covered up to age 26.

“Our commitment to our team and how we support their ability to deliver great care is a reflection of who we are and what is important to us,” said Gizdic. “As we look to our future, we will do everything we can to ensure NHRMC continues to be an extraordinary place to work, thrive, and make a difference for our community.”