NHRMC Launches Perinatal Loss Support Group, Remembrance Walk

September 24, 2019
Infant Loss

On September 19, the Women's & Children's Hospital Bereavement Team launched the first 5-week perinatal loss support group. Led by Mary Haynes and Hannah Brownlow (Bereavement Counselors) and Anjie King, NP, WHA.

Our Perinatal Bereavement Program provides support to more than 80 families annually who suffer from pregnancy or infant loss. Perinatal loss is a devastating, life-changing experience. Well intended loved ones have difficulty providing the required support; therefore, these families often suffer in isolation with limited resources.

Aligning our NHRMC values and mission to provide compassionate, high quality care to our patients learning to cope with the impact of perinatal loss, this 5-part series held at the SECU Family House is the first of its kind and will be repeated in the spring. In-between the series, this group will offer a monthly support group. All classes are free and open to any family who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Infant Loss Remembrance Event and Walk

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is observed annually on October 15 to honor families who have experienced pregnancy loss and infant death - to include miscarriage, still birth, or the death of a newborn. With that, the Perinatal Bereavement Team will hold the first New Hanover County Remembrance Event for families at 9:30 a.m. October 19 at Halyburton Park. There will be a brief ceremony followed by a 1.3 mile loop around the park. The remembrance walk is free and open to families, staff and public.

Join us as we provide a heightened community awareness of infant loss coupled with support to families in our communities.

For additional information on Perinatal Bereavement Program and the Infant Loss Remembrance Walk, email [email protected].