See NHRMC CEO John Gizdic's Video about NHRMC's Future

October 12, 2019
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On Monday, Sept. 16, the New Hanover County Commissioners approved a resolution that will allow the county to explore the possibility of reaching a partnership agreement or selling NHRMC.

And, finally, see the video below to hear CEO John Gizdic's own words:   


NHRMC Insights September 2019 from NHRMC Videos on Vimeo.

CEO John Gizdic stressed that the vote does not mean that a sale is imminent; only that the county can now explore its options to ensure the best possible future for healthcare in our region. He also dispelled rumors by stating that NHRMC and the county are following the letter of the law precisely. No deals have been struck, Gizdic said, and no offers have been received.

We want our employees to be informed.

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