Alison Greco Named NHRMC September Employee of Excellence

September 16, 2019
EOE Sept 2019 Alison Greco CL

Alison Greco, Patient Experience Representative at New Hanover Medical Group-Ogden Radiology, is one of those co-workers whose mere presence can turn a so-so day into a great day. Alison also does plenty of tangible things that illustrate what a great employee she is, but you’ll also see that her overall attitude, positive vibes and contagious spirit make her even more valuable to her team.

One teammate writes, “I love my job thanks to people like Alison who show up with an eagerness and diligence to help anywhere and anytime there is a need within in our department, and it resonates throughout our entire organization. She is in a pivotal position that requires communications with people in multiple sites and job descriptions so every time her name is echoed, it is followed by the same sentiment of appreciation time and again. It is a pleasure to work alongside her (especially on your bad days).”

Stressful, challenging, hectic situations do not change her demeanor. Alison remains calm, to the point, clear, and focused on a solution.  She doesn't back down from a challenging situation.

Her work ethic is “epic,” and she inspires others to have good work ethic simply by working with her. She sees a job to its completion and is very approachable to patients and staff.

Alison has also undertaken initiatives that help improve the efficiency of her colleagues and the experience for their patients.

She has been an integral part of the New Hanover Medical Group’s Employee Engagement Committee at the Ogden office, assisting with various activities like food trucks, while engaging teammates in activities and keeping everyone informed to help build morale.  Her teammates count it a privilege to work with her in such a capacity. 

She is a mentor to new hires and demonstrates leadership by example with her patience, professionalism and accountability.  

As a scheduler of imaging services, Alison has called insurance companies on behalf of confused patients to get waivers so the patient would not get an out-of-network bill for an imaging exam. She has negotiated with technologists and fellow schedulers to get same day studies scheduled for patients who have travel concerns or issues.  She often works with the insurance companies and different scheduling locations in town to find solutions for patients in need of imaging that are self pay or have high deductible plans.  She goes above and beyond to take care of our patients giving compassionate and individualized care. 

Of her own initiative, she has taken ownership of training for all new imaging schedulers and has created training binders for each new hire. The training binders and handouts are very valuable to not only the new hires, but to the whole team. 

Just recently, she hosted lunch and learns at various building locations to share information about imaging procedures, the correct orders to use, diagnosis codes, and proper prep instructions for imaging procedures being ordered.  She took it upon herself to update this information and share her expertise to facilitate correct imaging orders, knowing that correct and complete orders lead to efficient and timely scheduling for patients. 

Her actions, motivation and willingness to go above and beyond for a patient, teammate, provider, or management exemplify a high performer. And that is evidenced by the long rows of spotlights stuck on her wall.

On Monday, Sept. 16, Alison earned one more award -- NHRMC Employee of Excellence for September 2019.

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