NHRMC Home Care's Ellen James Named June Employee of Excellence

June 10, 2019
June EOE Ellen James

The NHRMC Home Care staff provides convenient healthcare to patients who would be burdened to leave their homes. They do it with purpose and compassion, and they received a 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

To serve patients across an eight-county area, the NHRMC Home Care team must spend a lot of time on the road. And then when they get to the end of that road, they jump on a boat. And when that boat docks on an island with no automobiles, they hop in a golf cart. And if all the golf carts are gone, then they put their medical bags on the handlebars and jump on a bicycle.

At least, that’s what Ellen James, Supervisor at NHRMC Home Care Physical Therapy, did.

Ellen is being honored as NHRMC’s June Employee of Excellence for going to the end of the continent and beyond to take care of her patient. As a supervisor, she didn’t have to make that long trip. She could have assigned it to a staff member, but the time needed to make that one house call would have put that employee behind for the rest of the shift.

Instead, Ellen took the assignment herself and then returned to Rocky Point to fulfill her daily responsibilities. She repeated this for weeks until the patient no longer needed home care.

Ellen is renowned for always being available to her staff, and taking care of them both on the job and long after the workday is done.

Here’s are some examples, from her teammates:

When a co-worker was hospitalized and family couldn’t stay, Ellen sat in the hospital room, providing comfort and companionship to her teammate. After the co-worker was released, she continued to visit her at home.

When another employee’s mother was moved to hospice care, Ellen encouraged her to take time off and spend it with her mother. Here’s what the employee had to say:

“I didn't quite understand, but knew she had recently lost her mom so she must know best. I'm so grateful I listened to her, as my mother required much attention, and I was able to spend her last week with her & ensure Death with Dignity.”

By car, by boat and by bicycle, Ellen James takes care of her patients and her staff.

And for this, she has earned the title of NHRMC Employee of Excellence for June.

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