NHRMC Has Volunteered More than 2,500 Hours; Make Sure Yours are Counted

May 09, 2019
May Volunteer cL

In October, we officially began tracking volunteerism throughout the organization. While this mechanism is within MyNetLearning, its accuracy is dependent upon staff and leaders taking the time to report their hours. Our report shows that we have contributed 2,500 volunteer hours to our community since October!

Departments leading in volunteerism are:

  1. Infection Prevention & Control
  2. IS Security
  3. NHRMC Health & Diagnostics/Administration

See the detailed report by organization, department, and employee. If you would like to run your own report, please contact Alexandra Kabel. Otherwise, our goal is to provide this report once a month going forward. 

Please continue to encourage staff and leaders to report volunteer hours via NetLearning. Click here for instructions on how to log your hours.

Here’s the “Why”

The ability to capture volunteerism and outreach in the community provides a metric for measuring employee engagement through community service.
Measurement of volunteerism and outreach will provide opportunities to recognize individuals and departments who excel in these areas, as well as encourage others to engage in community service.

For questions, please contact Alexandra Kabel, Lisa Edgerton, or Vera Newkirk.


Pictured: NHRMC volunteers at the "Stop the Violence, Start the Peace" event at Portia Hines Park in April.