Policy Updated to Clarify Acceptable Value of Meals from Vendors

May 08, 2019

Effective March 2019, our policy has been updated to more clearly define the value of meals and/or beverages that are acceptable by vendors when certain other criteria are met. 

Employees may accept unsolicited meals and/or beverages served during documented educational sessions, including seminars, conferences, and grand rounds presentations.  Acceptable meals will:

1.  Be unsolicited and non-routine; and

2.  Be held at a reasonable location (but never in patient care areas); and

3.  If off-site, participation occurs on the employee's personal time; and

4.  Be of reasonable value and value of meal (including beverage) is not excessive (i.e. cost of meal must comply with Standard Meal Allowances defined in NHRMC's Travel/Education/Business Expense Policy); and




(7:00 a.m.)



(11:00 a.m.)



(7:00 p.m.)

5.  Accompany bona fide educational content and be documented (i.e. CEUs are provided or program is otherwise approved by Corporate Compliance); and

6.  Be in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Representative Policy and Procedure.

Read the complete Vendor Relations and Fundraising Policy on PolicyStat.