NHRMC Earns 7 Touchstone Awards from Atrium Health

May 28, 2019
touchstone award web badge 2019

For the second consecutive year, the New Hanover Regional Medical Center system has earned seven Touchstone Awards from our partner, Atrium Health.

The awards, which will be presented in August at Atrium’s Quality & Patient Experience Sharing Day, are an annual opportunity for Atrium to recognize efforts exhibiting exceptional performance in the areas of patient safety, clinical outcomes, clinical efficiency and service excellence. 

“Each of these awards represents the efforts of a team to achieve a single goal – to improve the care we provide to our community,” said Sue Ballato, Quality Administrator at NHRMC.

The awards illustrate NHRMC’s impact across the region, as award winners represent the main campus hospital, NHRMC Physician Group practices, Pender Memorial Hospital and the Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

“The collaboration of front-line staff and clinical leaders drives these accomplishments,” Ballato said. “And they could not be accomplished without the cooperation of multiple departments united to provide the best care for our patients.”

Many of the winning projects were guided by NHRMC’s Lean Strategies department, which helps identify areas of opportunity and leads participants through the problem-solving process.

NHRMC’s 2019 Touchstone Award Winners


2019 Gold

Team members


Safer Opioid Prescribing: Having the Right Tools at the Right Time

Kevin Cannon, Lisa Edgerton, Todd Hinshaw, Mackie King, Ned Pourdeyhimi, Michelle Rager, Eddie Seijo, Laurie Whalin, Andy Whitley, Vladimir Vasquez

Patient Safety

2019 Silver

Team members


Eliminating Patient Identified Barriers to Care to Decrease Medicaid Inpatient Admission Rates and Improve Quality of Care

Coastal Family Medicine

Clinical Efficiency

Reducing CT Utilization for Pediatric Patients Presenting to the ED with Minor Head Trauma

Josh Tucker, Joni Mitchem and team

Patient Safety

Dental Pain in the Emergency Department

Claire Corbett, Sandy Mitchell, Abby Roetger, Dorothea Bradley, Shawn Conrad, Stephanie Croom, Eddie Graham, Michael Jaskolka, Joni Mitchem, Karim Peppers, Joshua Tucker, Scott Whisnant, Amber Willenbring, De Winter III

Patient Experience

Meeting the Challenge: The Increased Role of a Critical Access Hospital in a Busy Health System

Pender Memorial Hospital - Sarah Brannan, Kathleen Flynn-Childs, Heather Davis, Cynthia Faulkner, Ruth Glaser, Sejal Patel, Julie Spicka

Clinical Efficiency

2019 Bronze

Team members


Aspiration Prevention: It's a Matter of Life or Breath

Linda Thomas, Laurie Lustiber, Christine Webb, Celeste Stephens, Angela Lago, Savonne Berrios

Cllinical Outcomes

Opioid Reduction in Perinatal Services

Hannah Brownlow, Suzie McCabe

Patient Safety