Successful DNV Survey Validates Work of Stroke Team

May 31, 2019
stroke fast poster

DNV completed its survey Thursday to determine whether NHRMC will be recognized with Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification.

A Comprehensive Stroke Center has personnel, infrastructure and expertise to diagnose, treat and support stroke patients who require highly intensive medical and surgical care, specialized testing and interventional therapies. Comprehensive Stroke Centers are designed to be a part of a larger stroke system of care which will include all levels of stroke care.

The DNV surveyors weren’t permitted to say whether NHRMC will receive the designation, but they had many complimentary things to say. They remarked about the collaboration across the NHRMC system, and the dedication of the team.

“The surveyors had wonderful things to say,” said Kerry Lamb, Administrator of the Neuroscience Service Line. “They see a lot of hospital systems, and they recognized us for having ‘exemplary care.’ They said we have some of the best practices they’ve ever seen.”

The surveyors were particularly impressed with NHRMC’s efficiency. They had never seen a hospital in which 50 percent of cases had a door-to-TPA time of less than 30 minutes.

“We have built a system, and we’ve proven that you can do it and sustain it,” Lamb said.

Dr. James McKinney, Stroke Program Medical Director, thanked everyone involved in the process with a nod to Dr. Vinodh Doss, Dr. Jeffrey Beecher, and Dr. Matthew Kalp, who play vital roles in the care of our stroke patients.

Outcomes Manager Tom Curley worked closely with the surveyors and relayed this quote: “Your physician and ED collaboration is awesome.” Stroke Center Manager Mary Beth Bobek thanked all the staff members who helped with the survey and called it a “great journey.”

The surveyors also praised the involvement of the Rehabilitation Team in the process and were particularly impressed by Easy Street, the section of the rehab hospital where patients relearn basic skills such as opening a car door or walking on different surfaces.

“This is an example of how one team with one mission can do amazing things for our patients,” said Laurie Whalin, Vice President of Clinical Services. “When we work together with purpose and focus, the possibilities are endless.”

DNV did have some findings and opportunities for NHRMC, and the stroke team is forming action plans to make improvements. NHRMC expects notification within the next month or two from DNV about the Comprehensive Stroke Center designation.

“The successful survey is a validation of years of excellent work by our teams,” Lamb said. “Kudos to all involved.”