NHRMC Launches Leadership and Organizational Development Department

May 08, 2019

Healthcare is complex and evolving.  Our ability to adapt and succeed is critical and dependent on strong leadership across the NHRMC system.  The Leadership and Organizational Development (L&OD) Strategic Plan Initiative Team identified inconsistencies in identifying, developing and promoting leaders across the system.

The Team recommended that NHRMC identify the basic skills and ideals the organization prizes in leaders. Then, NHRMC should build a system to develop the talented, energized workforce that will stay with us and be engaged in achieving our aggressive goals and sustaining our commitment to our community.  

The Team obtained approval for NHRMC to invest in a dedicated Leadership and Organizational Development Department that will oversee this function. The department will coordinate our leadership development programs across the organization and create an infrastructure that promotes and sustains an innovative, responsive and engaging work environment.  

Jenny Creamer has been selected as Director of L&OD. She has served as Director of HR Operations at NHRMC since 2007.   She is the L&OD Strategic Plan Initiative owner and has been a key part of the design and implementation of Leadership NHRMC, Clinical Leadership Development, and Leadership Collaborative. The department will also include a senior consultant and a program coordinator. 

“Development of a formal change management and leadership development process will be foundational to the successful transition and alignment of these critical functions and must be supported at all levels of leadership,” Jenny said. “These initiatives must be seamlessly integrated throughout the organization.”

The creation of this new function was supported by the work of the L&OD Strategic Plan Initiative Team which is comprised of Diana Amedy, Zack Bennett, Claire Corbett, Carolyn Fisher, David Long, Suzie McCabe, John McGrogan, Lori McKoy, Vera Newkirk, Dr. Joe Pino, Jennifer Pollard, Shannon Stewart, Joshua Tucker and Jenny Creamer.