HERO Takes Flight on June 10

May 21, 2019
Hero Prizes

Excitement is building for NHRMC's new rewards and recognition program, HERO: Honoring Excellence Recognizing Ownership. HERO will replace the current Spotlight program on June 10. This revolutionary online program will allow staff to recognize their coworkers when their performance is extraordinary, going above and beyond the call of duty.

Choose How You Use Your Points:

The latest electronics, vacations, designer watches and jewelry, state of the art home goods, and so much more. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of rewards available in the new HERO system. It won't take long for you to get enough points to get prizes like $10 gift cards, movie tickets, or bluetooth headphones. If you want to save your points for something bigger like a trip to Vegas or a paddleboard, you can do that too! 

Get and Give:

Points will automatically be awarded to you on your birthday and your anniversary for years of service. Additional points will be awarded by your manager/supervisor or your peers as they recognize you for your exceptional work. Each employee will receive a bank of points each month that they can distribute to those they feel are displaying incredible work. The power is now yours!

Spotlight Fades:

The last day to give out Spotlights will be May 31 while the last day to redeem them will be August 30. Starting June 10, all employee recognition will be through the new HERO program. As Spotlight is being retired, you will be able to redeem one Spotlight for a t-shirt and three Spotlights for the usual movie tickets. 

 Stay tuned for more details as we approach the June 10th launch.