Gozio Robotic Mapping Begins June 3 at NHRMC

May 28, 2019
Gozio Magellan

NHRMC has partnered with Gozio Health to develop smartphone apps that will help patients, families and visitors more easily reach their desired location.

To develop an indoor map of the main 17th Street campus, Gozio employees will install beacons and drive their mapping robot, Magellan, through the hospital. A contracted photographer will begin taking preliminary photos on May 30. Gozio employees are expected to be on campus June 3-28, working 7 p.m.-3 a.m. Monday through Thursday.

The Gozio team is experienced in healthcare settings and understand the importance of the staff’s work. They will work around you and will not impede your work in any way. They only ask that you do not touch Magellan while he’s mapping.

Magellan and his clones are like google cars for buildings, but they capture radio signals instead of images. They do not take photos, track people, or speak.

The app will include on-campus locations such as cafeterias, bathrooms, pharmacies and patient discharge areas. The app will also allow visitors to choose English or other languages, including Spanish.

The app will be tested first by staff and then rolled out to the public, with a launch date sometime this summer.