NHRMC Brings Health Screenings, Information to Festival Latino

May 06, 2019
Festival Latino 2

Todos Unidos, NHRMC’s Hispanic/Latinx Employee Resource Group, proudly represented the organization this past weekend at Wilmington’s 20th annual Festival Latino.

Despite rainy forecasts, the event saw excellent turnout. A team of 13 volunteers performed 79 blood pressure screens over two days, providing residents with valuable information about their health and even helping children become more comfortable with medical personnel. NHRMC representatives educated participants on the blood pressure results, stressed the importance of regular primary care visits, and counseled participants regarding healthy lifestyle choices and medication management.

About half of event participants did not have a primary care provider; they were given recommendations for local primary care options. Participants who had slightly elevated results were also given local primary care recommendations in order to promote more health-focused lifestyles.

This is just one example of how we’re leading our community to outstanding health (or as we were saying over the weekend: llevando nuestra comunidad a una salud excepcional)!


Pictured: PharmD Resident Araceli Leon talks with a resident about her health.