NHRMC Welcomes 65 New Employees at May 20 Orientation

May 23, 2019
NEO 052019

A large class of new employees and interns joined the NHRMC team on Monday, May 20. Please welcome the following new employees:

  1. Kaylin Barefoot, Staff Nurse
  2. Jennifer Bishop,  Dining Associate I
  3. Trina Bonds, Sitter
  4. Allison Brilhante, Psych. Tech II
  5. Winter Brown, Patient Care Tech.
  6. Laura Bussiere, Business Intern
  7. Pamela Chumley, RN Refresher
  8. Michaela Ciznarova, Med Lab Tech.
  9. Jeri Cochran, Radiology Tech.
  10. Jessica Craft, Care Team Specialist
  11. Javan Cutler, Medical Assistant
  12. Melissa DeWolfe, Coding Specialist
  13. Jenna Dove, Business Intern
  14. Danielle Drobot, Staff Nurse
  15. Amy Dugan, Patient Access Tech.
  16. Haley Fox, Medical Asst. I
  17. Victoria Gonzales, Nurse  Aide I
  18. Bennett Hall, Sitter and ED Tech.
  19. Kamisha Hall, Dining Associate
  20. Tyler Hall, Business Intern
  21. Rosa Haywood, Pharmacist II
  22. Daye Holifield, Staff Nurse
  23. Joanne Ingram, Physical Therapist
  24. T’yale Johnson, Environmental Services Asst.
  25. Tabitha Kern, Staff Nurse
  26. Megan Lennon, Anesthesia Technician I
  27. Brittany Martin, Clinical Coordinator RN
  28. Susan Mays, Director of Enterprise Analytics
  29. Tania Melvin, Medical Assistant
  30. Kyle Miller, Business Intern
  31. Ashton Millikan, Staff Nurse
  32. Adrianna Musallam, Staff Nurse
  33. Michaela Nance, Nurse Aide
  34. Lisa Nevarez, Massage Therapist
  35. Zachary Nichols, Transporter
  36. Francine Parana, Coord. Food Services
  37. Lisa Patrick, Patient Experience Rep.
  38. Auburn Perkins, Staff Nurse
  39. Amber Poole, Radiology Technologist
  40. Madison Pope, Sitter
  41. Shelby Puricz, Interventional Radiology Tech.
  42. Euterra Shaw, Nurse Aide II
  43. Monica Simpson, LPN
  44. Emma Smith, Staff Nurse
  45. Taylor Smith, Nurse Aide
  46. Deonna Spicer, Environmental Services Asst.
  47. Ashton Strickland, Echo Tech.
  48. Rebecca Sykes, Behavior Management Sitter
  49. Danielle Talley, Radiology Tech.
  50. Jennifer Tate, Nurse Aide I
  51. Kristen Terwilliger, Staff Nurse
  52. Leelee Thames, Chief Value Officer
  53. Sarah Thompson, Staff Nurse
  54. Morgan Ulczak, Nurse Aide
  55. Carol Waggoner, Phlebotomy Tech.
  56. Sabrena Walker, Nurse Aide
  57. Stephen Wallin, Radiology Technologist
  58. Joshua Ward, Manager of Business Operations
  59. Shantay Ward, Nurse Aide
  60. Kristian Watts, Pharmacy Tech.
  61. James Wheless, Business Intern
  62. Lauren White, Anesthesia Tech.
  63. Mary Wickre, Radiology Tech.
  64. Zhantel Wilson-Bishop, Environmental Services Asst.
  65. Sydney Wisniewski, Patient Access Technician