Employee Clinic's Chantelle Guthrie Earns DNP

May 14, 2019
Chantelle Guthrie

Chantelle Guthrie, nurse practitioner at the NHRMC Employee Clinic, recently received her Doctorate of Nursing from UNCW. Chantelle is one of the first class of nine gradutes to receive their DNPs from UNCW.

In addition to being a nurse practitioner, Chantelle also holds a masters degree in Social Work.

On the UNCW web site, Chantelle described her experience in the DNP program:

"The DNP program provides a foundation for advanced practice nurses to appropriately identify clinical problems, evaluate current literature and promote practice change within clinical settings." she said. "As a DNP student, I learned the importance of advocating for change that incorporates evidence-based nursing practice. Participation in UNCW's DNP Program has given me a foundation of knowledge and confidence to positively influence the current health care delivery system."