Hero Rewards System to Replace Spotlight

April 30, 2019

Get ready because Hero is headed to NHRMC this summer. It is a Hero that will help you earn points that you can put towards awesome prizes; a Hero that will let you recognize your coworkers when you see them going above and beyond; a Hero that will make sure everyone at NHRMC knows what a hero YOU are and reward you for it.

Hero is a rewards system that will be replacing Spotlight. This new, digital rewards platform will revolutionize how NHRMC employees are recognized for their incredible work.

There are a few differences between Hero and the old Spotlight system.

  • The first is that the Spotlight system was a paper system. You have to keep up with your Spotlights and physically take them in to redeem them. With the new Hero system, you’ll be able to login to a digital dashboard that will keep track of all your points for you.
  • Another benefit of the program is that anyone can reward points, not just managers. We know our staff across the system see the wonderful things their coworkers do every day. Hero will let you recognize them directly.

You can redeem your points on your terms. You can save up a few to get movie ticket gift cards just like you could with the Spotlight system, or you can let those points add up until you can redeem them for a larger prize like a grill, bike, or even a refrigerator. 

Don’t worry though, you have plenty of time to turn in the Spotlights you already have. The last day to give out Spotlights will be May 31 while the last day to redeem them will be August 30. As the Spotlight program comes to an end, we will transition into the new Hero system.

When you see how many awesome prizes you can get by using the Hero system, you’re going to be really excited!  Stay tuned for the summer 2019 rollout of Hero!