DNV Surveyors Credit NHRMC's Culture of Trust, Engagement

April 11, 2019
Tammy and Dre

At the conclusion of DNV’s annual accreditation survey, NHRMC COO Dre Boyd stressed teamwork as the key to our healthcare system’s success.

A culture of teamwork and trust doesn’t happen overnight, Boyd said, it’s been ingrained in the system for years.

After three days studying our processes and procedures, the DNV surveyors complimented NHRMC and Pender Memorial Hospital on the staff’s openness and willingness to share information about the care they provide every day.

Surveyors appreciated the trust leadership placed in staff members and how involved physicians are in the NHRMC culture.

DNV looked into six non-conformities from their last survey at NHRMC and confirmed that all six were closed through corrective action plans.

Surveyors did find two NC 1 non-conformities this year at NHRMC. Action plans are already under way to address the findings.

Pender was surveyed just six months after their most recent DNV survey, and cleared two of the four non-conformities. Surveyors found only one new non-conformity in their day and a half at Pender. Going forward, Pender will remain on the same survey schedule as the rest of the NHRMC system.

The general attitude at the survey wrap-up meeting was overwhelmingly positive. Chief Nurse Executive Mary Ellen Bonczek and Director of Accreditation Tammy Eisel were each presented flowers for their contributions to our system’s success. As Boyd said, their impact on the organization did not begin with this DNV survey, or even our first DNV survey in 2017. Their impact is evident in the culture of engagement and enthusiasm that exists at NHRMC and Pender and is reflected in the excellent care our patients receive every day.

As she accepted her flowers, Eisel spread the credit to the leaders, staff and physicians who contribute to the system’s success.

“These belong to every employee in every department,” she said. “You all do an amazing job every day.”


Pictured: NHRMC Director of Accreditation Tammy Eisel with NHRMC COO Andre Boyd.