NHRMC Insights: CEO and Leader Updates Now More Accessible

April 26, 2019
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The monthly updates John delivers to VP/Directors meetings are now being recorded and made available to all staff. You can watch, or just listen, from wherever you are and whenever works best for you.

John’s new approach to communications is the result of a realization that, with the size of our system, the old way of reaching staff through CEO Forums was working for a smaller percentage of the team.

“It’s hard for some members of our team to find more than an hour to come to a forum, either during their shift or outside of it,” said Gizdic. “We understand that, and don’t want time and location to be a barrier.”

Understanding the factors shaping our future can help individuals throughout the system take part in sharing ideas and working together to find opportunities to further advance our mission. 
“When you can see the big picture, and understand how your piece fits with others, you have the opportunity to create positive changes and grow individually and professionally,” said Gizdic.  “I want that opportunity to exist for everyone. Access to information shouldn’t be limited to a few who can most conveniently attend a scheduled meeting.”
Here is the first Insights video:


In addition to John’s shared insights, staff will be able to hear from other organizational leaders who can present on initiatives from across the system. The videos will be archived on an internal Vimeo channel, which can be found through CapsLive.

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