Crystal Eason Named April Employee of Excellence

April 10, 2019
Eason EOE

The word “proactive” can be broken down into two parts. “Pro,” which is also the beginning of “professional.” And active, which you must be to get things done.

Proactive is one word that was used repeatedly to describe our April Employee of Excellence, Crystal Eason. Whether she is working in Epic to identify potential issues, or working with staff and physicians to determine the best placement for a patient, this employee is always professional and always making things happen.

She is so respected throughout the NHRMC system that more than 30 nurse leaders and operational leaders supported her nomination.

This is a testament to how many people, units and departments are directly affected by her work. As a Patient Placement Facilitator, Crystal is responsible for making sure each patient gets care in the best environment. To do this, she must balance multiple factors, which go far beyond patient acuity and bed availability.

She has been called the “backbone of her department.” She is familiar with every patient care area, their nursing specialties and limitations, and is knowledgeable of physician preference when applicable. She ensures that all patients are coded properly for the correct reimbursement; and, handles transfers within and from outside facilities with ease while adhering to standard work and placement protocols.

She is a critical, knowledgeable resource essential to the organization during surge capacity. She prioritizes calls, coordinates patient placement with case management, providers and floor staff. She navigates the Epic system to support other staff members and troubleshoot issues before they happen.

She consistently speaks out for our patients and their families and is always thinking "out-of-the-box" for ideas as to how to effectively place patients in a safe and more timely manner.
Through all of this, she maintains a professional and courteous communication style with everyone no matter how many phone calls she’s trying to answer at one time.

Here’s an example of our employee of excellence being proactive:

“When the regional transfer center implemented a new module within Epic, patient placement was directly impacted (also resulting in potential delays for patients). She proactively contacted IT and the managers of RTC to communicate challenges and propose solutions. Her willingness to be involved and coordinate resolutions ensures other departments and, ultimately, our patients receive the best customer service possible.”

For her dedication to our patients, her fellow employees and the processes that are helping improve patient flow and throughput across the NHRMC system, Crystal Eason, Patient Placement Facilitator, is the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for 2019.

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