Radiology Access Affected by Flooring Replacement Project

March 14, 2019

The main corridor in the Radiology area will be blocked due to flooring replacement.  The blocked area will begin at the Command Center corridor entrance and continue to the entrance of the C.T. Scan Control Room.  The Control Room will be accessible through CT Room #2. 

All affected areas will communicate to their staff’s that access to Radiology must occur from the ICU corridor.  In the event an emergency evacuation is necessary, the ICU corridor would need to be used.  Also, if needed, the barriers could be removed by the flooring staff to allow normal egress.

Radiology flooring replacement will be completed in phases.  The first phase (#17) will begin 3/15/19.  The area will have a barrier in place to protect area from dust/debris, and to restrict access during the replacement.  Staff need to be aware of the following:

  • Access to area will be restricted – alternate route should be used.
  • There will be an alternate route for emergency evacuation if necessary.