PACU In-Patient Unit Now Open in Surgical Pavilion

March 08, 2019
PACU PIP area 600w

The PACU In-Patient Unit (PIP) is a surgical short stay unit that is now open 7 a.m. Monday- 7 p.m Friday.

The new unit, which opened in February, fills a need created by significant volume growth in surgical services over the past several years. The 11-bed unit is located just outside of PACU in the 400 hallway, Dogwood.

“The PIP adds physical capacity for patient placement and better meets the needs for those who require a short post-operative stay,” said Jeff Roos, Clinical Administrator of Surgery/Anesthesia.

“This unit allows us to continue taking excellent care of our surgical patients while helping with the NHRMC system’s strategic goal of improving flow and throughput,” said Erin Escarsega, RN, Manager of the Inpatient Surgery Unit.

The creation of the PIP was achieved through cooperation of many departments and employees, all dedicated to enhancing the patient experience across the NHRMC system.

Escarsega offered special thanks to: Andrea Boyd, Grant Rush, Jeff Roos, Sarah Brannan, PACU, Epic team, Dietary, Pharmacy, 2nd floor, 4th floor, medical providers, CNRO, ASU, Laboratory, Facilities, Maintenance and our NHRMC volunteers for helping with the successful launch of the unit.


Pictured: PIP nurses Luke Steinlein, Nate Morgan, and Josh Sinclair. 


PIP Unit map