Patient Badging and Bed Management Phases of Real-Time Location System are Delayed

February 07, 2019
First of all, thank you to the staff for assisting with staff and asset badging, the first phase of the Real-Time Location System implementation. There have been many reports from the staff on improvements in reduction of time spent locating colleagues and equipment. 

As a result of everyone’s participation in the Staff/Visibility Go-Live subsequent testing uncovered some areas in which the system didn’t support our Epic workflows. Once solutions are in place, further testing will be done to ensure everything works smoothly before the system goes live with patient badging and bed management.

The project team will update the organization as soon as a new go live date has been set.

“We’re investing in the system to help staff and physicians better care for our patients,” said Andre Boyd, NHRMC Chief Operating Officer. “We will take the time to get it right and value the ongoing support and engagement from our teams who continue to test and refine the process.”