NHRMC Partners with Gozio for Wayfinding and Navigation App

February 08, 2019
Gozio Single 2

NHRMC has partnered with Gozio Health to develop smartphone apps that will help patients, families and visitors more easily reach their desired location. The initiative, being developed through the NHRMC Innovation Center, is part of NHRMC’s dedication to providing excellent service to all patients and visitors.

“The goal is to help all visitors reach their destination as seamlessly as possible,” said NHRMC COO Andre Boyd. “This includes parking in the most convenient spot, entering through the correct door and finding their way once they are inside the facility.”

The app will include on-campus locations such as cafeterias, bathrooms, pharmacies and patient discharge areas. The app will also allow visitors to choose English or other languages, including Spanish.

Work on building the app is ongoing, and employees may notice the Magellan Gozio robots mapping areas of the hospital. The app will be tested first by staff and then rolled out to the public, with a launch date sometime this summer.

Gozio 4 screens