New Commercial Features NHRMC Employees and Families

February 15, 2019
LMHH walkers lo res

In a celebration of how the NHRMC system is embracing its mission of Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health, NHRMC this week began running a new commercial featuring NHRMC employees, volunteers and family members participating in healthy activities and volunteering in the community. The theme of the new campaign is “Let’s Make Healthier Happen.” It’s a call to the community to join us in our mission of looking at health in new ways. We want them to see us as partners in well-being and examples to follow.

We appreciate all those who took part by being in the commercial or helping us recruit participants, including:

Joshua Youse

Kiano Banki

Araceli Leon

Joshua Jones

Ty Sellars

Amber Woodard

Stephania Bloodworth

Cara Emerson

Kerrie Cave

Wendy Smith

Kristal McHugh

Paulette Lynch

Tanya Armour

Grace Granato

Victoria Oxendine

Vera Newkirk

Elizabeth Cammilleri

Dwight King

Iris King

Sarah Brannan

Edith Hill

Cynthia Carr

Terry Wise

Andrew Waters


Wendy Arato

Harry Hall

Penny Philligin

Ana Evans

Jonathon Richard

Corey Yingling

Kimothy Balloon

Hannah Wessler

Erica Stillman

Marissa Bryant

Deonta Clark

Ryan Jones

Kyle Autry

Kyle Ames

Jose Centeno

Rose Kuebler

Pam DeGeorge

Manav Patel

Annette Adrian

Bob laCour

Janie Walker

Beverly Batts

Selena Bond

Brenda Galloway


The television commercial is just part of the campaign. Visit our Let's Make Healthier Happen webpage to learn more. Also, follow us on social media, and sign up for the Healthy Dose e-newsletter for ongoing information, stories, and videos featuring health tips, employees, physicians and patients.

Then, spread the word to help us extend our reach in the community!