CBD Products and Drug Testing

February 21, 2019

Because there have been a lot of questions and conversations about CBD (cannabidiol) products, we want to clarify NHRMC’s position on their use and potential impact on your employment. CBD products are often advertised as an alternative for pain relief and the treatment for multiple diseases. Promoters often claim that the product is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) free and its use will not show up on a drug test.  This is not a totally accurate statement.  Hemp-based products may have up to 0.3% naturally occurring THC which can result in a positive urine drug test. 

Because CBD products are not FDA regulated there is no guarantee what you are buying is THC free.  It may have various levels of THC depending on how it is produced, where it is manufactured and the potency/formulation of the product.  The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) classifies THC as a Schedule I substance which has no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Any product that contains THC, even in small amounts, is considered marijuana and is illegal under federal law. 

NHRMC uses an outside federally approved drug testing laboratory for all urine drug tests related to employment practices.  Laboratory testing methods specifically target for the metabolites of THC.  If THC is detected in the initial screening, further testing through GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) is utilized to confirm the initial test results. Testing will not determine if THC is from CBD or marijuana use. 

If you choose to use CBD products, recognize you are at risk of having a positive urine drug test for THC. NHRMC considers THC found on a drug test as a positive result for an illegal substance.  A positive urine drug test will subject you to the Progressive Discipline Process, up to and including, termination of employment.