Pediatric Nurse Finds New Wagons With IV Poles for Pediatric Patients

January 23, 2019
Suzanne Blanchard with wagons

Pediatric nurse, Suzanne Blanchard, read about Chad's Bracket and their partnership with Radio Flyer wagons. Chad's Bracket is an organization that designed an IV Pole which attaches to Radio Flyer wagons for use in hospitals.

Suzanne always looks out for the children and shared this with Music Therapist/Child Life Specialist Michele Erich. Michele and Suzanne worked on getting 6 new wagons to be used by the pediatric patients.

Lockheed Martin employees are working with Chad's Brackets and were able to provide the wagons at no cost to NHRMC.

The children, parents and staff are already enjoying the new Radio Flyers. The parents and staff are also excited about the convenience of being able to attach the IV pump to the wagons while giving the children rides.

Thanks Suzanne for going above and beyond!