Gray Boone Named Employee of Excellence

January 18, 2019
EOE January Gray Boone

NHRMC’s mission of Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health starts with our own employees and families, and our entire organization is proud when one of our employees changes their life through healthier habits.

Sometimes, one of our employees takes what she has learned and uses it to help others. When one of your peers demonstrates the changes that can be made and advocates for you to pursue a healthier lifestyle, you’ll listen. And maybe, you’ll get involved.

Gray Boone, Administrative Associate in Application Technology Services, is one of those champions. Her organizational talent and people skills have made her a valuable addition to the Information Services team. And when she’s away from her desk, she uses those same skills to motivate others to be healthier.

Gray hadn’t been to the gym as an adult until she joined NHRMC three years ago. She started with the 12 to Life program, one of the most important group programs at the Employee Fitness Center. She graduated to the Stay Fit groups.

And when Jeff Randol and her other trainers challenged her to keep pushing beyond her comfort level, she joined the Spartan Warrior team.

As she does every day at NHRMC, Gray dove headfirst into the mud and gave it everything she had. She was determined to succeed.

NHRMC's Gray Boone Makes Healthier Happen from NHRMC Capslive Videos on Vimeo.

Furthermore, she encouraged others, using her magnetic personality to bring others into the group. She made them feel welcome and helped them overcome obstacles. She used her organizational skills and attention to detail to help the teams register for Spartan events from Fayetteville to Asheville to Florida. Some events included more than 30 NHRMC participants, and none had a bigger smile than her.

Gray does all of this because she loves people, and she knows the importance of encouraging them to live healthier lives. She has even brought her dedication to fitness to her Information Services team through the SHAPE program, which offers opportunities to participate in healthy activities.

Recently, she was named a Member of Excellence at the EFC. And if you ever make it to the gym at 5:30 a.m., you’ll see why. She’s rocking burpees, the rings, and the monkey bars. After losing more than 30 pounds, she can even knock out 10 pull-ups with apparent ease.

Her next goal, she said, is to perform a muscle up – a complicated move that is roughly the equivalent of climbing onto the roof of a house without a ladder.

Anyone who has met her would never doubt that she will accomplish her goal.

As her manager said, “If she is on your team, you are sure to win!”

Today, we honor the EFC Member of Excellence AND the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for January 2019, Gray Boone!