Chris Illingworth Honored for Good Catch

January 22, 2019
Good Catch Jan 2019

Congratulations to Chris Illingworth, RN at NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital, who has been recognized as November’s Good Catch Winner.
The Patient Safety Department, Good Catch Committee and Executive Team surprised Chris with her Good Catch award.
Chris’s story: Chris discovered that a patient took his post-op prescriptions that included an anticoagulant prior to surgery. Chris prevented harm to the patient by bringing this to the attention of surgeon. 

Reporting Good Catches promotes an awareness for proactively fixing issues before harm or error reaches the patient or team member.  Everyone is empowered and encouraged to “Speak up” and report “Good Catches”.   Communicating “Good Catches” creates a Culture of Safety for our patients and staff. 
If you detect and “catch” a workflow process that may potentially cause patient harm before harm reaches the patient:
1. Complete a variance in the Verge electronic reporting system.
2. Communicate the Good Catch to department leadership for follow up.
If you have any questions, contact the Patient Safety Department at 667.7348. You could be the next Good Catch winner!