Goesswein, Dixon, Smith Named 2018 Nurses of Excellence at NHRMC

December 06, 2018
Nurses of Excellence Combined

NHRMC honored its 2018 Nurses of Excellence on Thursday, December 6. The awards are held in memory of Mary-Lyn Frappier, a dedicated nurse who exemplified the spirit of giving throughout her career.

The 2018 winners are Lakeisha Dixon, coordinator on the Women’s Unit at NHRMC; RoseAnn Goesswein, coordinator of the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at NHRMC Orthopedic Hospital; and Sarah Smith, staff nurse at Cape Fear Heart Associates – NHRMC Physician Group.

This year, 115 worthy nurses were nominated for Nursing Excellence Awards. NHRMC has now honored 37 Nurses of Excellence, and Smith is the first to represent the NHRMC Physician Group.

Here are some excerpts from the winner’s nominations:

RoseAnn Goesswein

“After Hurricane Florence, she realized that two mothers and their four children under the age of 2 had walked from Jacksonville to a shelter near her home in Hampstead.  Their home had flooded.  The children had not eaten, did not have bottles, diapers, food, etc.  The shelter had given them powdered milk.  The family only had the clothes on their back.  After leaving NHRMC child care where she had worked a long day, she purchased and took clothing, diapers, wipes, formula, sheets, and four cribs to the shelter for the children. This was all purchased with her own money.  Two days later, she found out about additional needs at the shelter and again spent her own money to take care of these needs.  She did all this after working exhausting days and little sleep.”

RoseAnn’s written nomination

RoseAnn’s video

Lakeisha Dixon

“The first day I met this individual, I learned that her sister was actively dying from cancer and had come to the area to be with her.  I could not imagine the pain and internal struggles she was experiencing and yet she came to work each day with a smile on her face with a spirit and strength that uplifted us all.  Her strength is beyond description and when I observe the care she provides, to each and every patient, I feel sure that they are all being cared for in the exact same manner she cared for her own sister.  Not a day has passed since I met her where she has not provided a supportive hand to her team, a compassionate hug to a family member, or demonstrated the true beauty of being a nurse.”

Lakeisha’s written nomination

Lakeisha’s video

Sarah Smith

“She is one of the finest nurses I have ever worked with. She cares for patients like they are her family whether they are her patients or someone else's.  She presents good ideas and then follows through with changes during these process improvement events.  She has participated in collaborating with our Atrium counterparts to ensure we are using the best practices available. She recently had a patient situation where a patient was in Mongolia and needed a prescription change because of symptoms.  She had to speak to the patient during a 12 hour time difference and arrange for the patient's medication change without the use of internet.  She didn't stop until the patient was taken care of.”

Sarah’s written nomination

Sarah’s video