Training Begins for New Real-Time Location System

November 16, 2018

NHRMC is working toward implementing a new real-time location system (RTLS) which will use sensors to easily locate patients, equipment and hospital staff.  With the use of wearable tech, the RTLS system will help staff find the nearest available equipment at a glance and provide immediate help for staff in need.

The first phase of system rollout will begin on Tuesday December 11. All 17th Street Campus staff will go-live with staff and asset location capabilities. In preparation, staff will receive locator badges, and all Adult IV pumps, beds, Wound Vacs and WOW carts will have asset locator tags installed, ensuring easy location of key assets and one another.


A NetLearning course, “Staff & Asset Location Visibility Training,” has been assigned to all 17th Street staff to create awareness and basic understanding of the system. This is due for completion by December 9.

Future Timeline

The RTLS will be rolled out in multiple phases through May 2019. Below is a timeline of implementation.

Phase I: Visibility: December 11, 2018 – All clinical staff wearing locator badge. All IV pumps, patient beds, Wound Vacs and WOW carts to be tagged with asset locators

Phase II: Bed management: Early 2019 – Patients to wear locator badges.

Phase III: ED Workflow and Asset Management: April 2019

Phase IV: Operating Room Workflow: May 2019.