NHRMC Nursing Teams Hired to 100 Percent

November 06, 2018
StaRN team training

In the past 12 months, NHRMC has onboarded 164 experienced RNs, 182 new graduate RNs and 165 nurse assistants, including OR aides and ED techs.

“Hurricane Florence interrupted our on-boarding process for our new graduate RNs, but we are back on our path to successfully completing orientation and making final assignments,” said Mary Ellen Bonczek, Chief Nurse Executive. “ We have added a bright group of energetic and engaged nurses to our team.”

NHRMC onboarded its biggest class of new grad nurses in May, and market salary adjustments have helped us recruit experienced nurses and keep more of our own great nurses.

Retention Progress

Staff RN retention during the first two years of employment has improved dramatically. Our internship programs and strong dedicated preceptors have yielded a significant turnover reduction from a high of 17.8% to 12.7%. State-wide statistics for RN loss in the first two years of employment has been reported at 23.9%. Our selection process and on-boarding changes are making a difference!

Hired to 100% Core

Every inpatient unit in the Tower, floors 2 through 10, are now hired to 100% of their core staffing for RN’s and we are beginning to fill the pipeline.
Out of 126 RN positions in the four Adult Critical Care units, NHRMC has reduced its vacant positions to four, and those openings were created by recent internal transfers. And for the first time, the NHRMC NICU is completely staffed!
“This is an unprecedented position for us and I couldn’t be more thrilled,” Bonczek said. “Our efforts continue so that we have a pipeline of staff developed to manage surge capacity and respond to any staff turnover immediately.”
The Nursing recruitment and retention teams have added AirLink & VitaLink to the tracking and will be adding Pender Memorial Hospital, NHRMC Home Care and NHRMC Physician Group to the supply and demand analysis and detailed tracking and planning efforts.