Versus Midmark Technology to Provide Benefits to Hospital Staff

October 04, 2018
Versus Pic

NHRMC continues to work toward implementing the Versus Midmark Technology, an innovative Real-Time Location System. RTLS uses sensors to easily locate patients, equipment and hospital staff. The RTLS system will improve efficiency in flow and throughput, help staff find the nearest available equipment at a glance and provide immediate help for staff at the touch of a button.  

Real-Time Views

Versus Midmark will be displayed on "Glance and Go" television monitors. These monitors will be strategically placed on each floor in staff areas and will allow a view of all assets, staff and patients in real-time. 

Find Equipment at a Glance

Highly utilized hospital equipment will receive Versus Midmark tags, so that equipment not in use can be easily identified at a glance. This will save time for the staff, while also delivering needed care to patients in a more efficient and timely manner. Equipment management will begin with adult beds, IV infusion pumps, wound VACs and WOW carts, with additional opportunities in the future.

Quicker Discharge

When patients are discharged, their Versus Midmark badge will be dropped in the badge drop-off box. Integrated with Epic, the patient will immediately be discharged through the system. 

Staff Safety

The Versus Midmark badge will also act as a staff assist button. Having trouble with a patient, or needing immediate assistance? Simply hit your staff assist button. An alert will be made and co-workers will immediately be able to pinpoint your location on the "Glance and Go" monitors.

Also, in the event of a highly contagious patient, NHRMC will be able to efficiently contact each staff member who came into contact with the patient. 

Enterprise Visibility

Teams will be able to use the Versus information to study patient length of stay, asset allocation, timing of lab results, room availability, bed management, room sanitation completion, and more. This will provide needed information to help us find opportunities for improvement. 


Locating Staff

Versus Midmark helps staff members locate each other without having to send texts or make phone calls. Versus Midmark also provides a safeguard against certain patient complaints. By documenting each time a staff member entered a patient’s room, we have verification that we are following proper procedure. 

Implementation Locations

The Versus Midmark technology will be fully utilized within the 17th street campus clinical areas, the emergency department, operating rooms, inpatient units and the Rehabilitation Hospital. Zimmer Cancer Center will be a visibility only facility. Behavioral Health Hospital will also begin as a visibility only facility but will progress with additional functional features.

The Versus Midmark Technology program is progressing toward a fall/winter 2018 rollout. Updates will be provided as the project's implementation continues.