NHRMC Opens Surgery Navigation Center

October 02, 2018

New Hanover Regional Medical Center opened the new Surgery Navigation Center on Monday. Located in the Medical Mall on the 17th Street Campus, the Surgery Navigation Center will evaluate all surgical patients through a coordinated prescreening process, educate patients on their surgical procedure and prepare them for what to expect before, during and after their surgery. Known as perioperative care, this form of consolidated and coordinated care helps minimize or prevent complications, reduce recovery time and ultimately lead to better patient experience.

Patients visiting the Surgery Navigation Center will:

- Complete all lab work prior to surgery
- Have a medical evaluation, including a review of medication use, before and after surgery
- Receive patient education about surgical procedure and anesthesia

The Surgery Navigation Center will provide benefits to patients, physicians and surgical schedulers.

Patient Benefits:
• Single point of contact
• Consolidated & coordinated care

Physician Benefits:
• Connects and aligns perioperative providers
• Identifies at-risk patients preoperatively to develop appropriate post-op plans

Scheduler Benefits:
• No need to schedule perioperative care
• Minimizes cancellations and case disruptions

The Surgery Navigation Center will assist more than 45,000 patients who have surgery at NHRMC each year.