Ruth Marescalco Named September Employee of Excellence

October 15, 2018
EOE October 2018 Marascalco

Ruth Marescalco, RN on the Progressive Care Unit, has been named the September Employee of Excellence.

She deserves this award, in part, because of a complaint her manager received.

One patient stayed on the unit for months. And she often had the same complaint – “Ruth is not my nurse today.”

This patient thrived under Ruth’s care, and she shed tears of joy whenever Ruth provided her care. Ruth always found time to visit her, even if she was assigned to other patients. Ruth knows how much this patient valued her visits, and she’ll do anything for her patients – even when they are not on her schedule.

Ruth has the same devotion to her community. When Hurricane Florence threatened the coast, Ruth checked on her neighbors, making sure they had the necessary oxygen and other medical supplies to survive without power for days or weeks.

After the storm, the call came out for all hands on deck, and Ruth came right in to relieve her co-workers despite having a mess at her own home. Her manager said she lives and breathes the NHRMC mission.

Ruth takes great pride in her patient care and is a tenacious patient advocate. In the past year, she has been a part of the Falls Prevention Committee and the Progressive Mobility Committee. Ruth has served as an active member of Unit Based Practice Council, and Nursing Congress, where she is co-chair. And when the chair of Nursing Congress had a family emergency in the weeks leading up to the biggest event of the year, Ruth filled in admirably at Celebrate the Gold.

Ruth and MEB

Ruth embraces SharedCare and the vision of creating a better work environment where staff feel supported and patients receive the best care possible. She always looks out for others and many times during her shifts you can find her rounding on the floor just to see if everyone else is okay before she takes a break. Her orientees notice this demonstration of teamwork, and it sticks with them as they mature into more experienced nurses.

Ruth is an excellent communicator who can de-escalate a very anxious patient or family member with her soft spoken words and constant reassurance. Instinctively she can tell when a patient or family member may be struggling and in need of a bit more tender loving care. She will work all day to earn their trust just so they can rest.

During leader rounds and during discharge phone calls, you would be hard-pressed to find a patient who did not recognize her for going above and beyond in their care. She has received numerous cards and letters over the years thanking her for the wonderful compassion and care. Even those dealing with the loss of a loved one take time to show their appreciation for how Ruth touched their lives.

Among 7,000 committed employees committed to our mission, Ruth stands out.

For her devotion to our patients and for being a role model for other nurses, we congratulate

Ruth Marescalco, NHRMC’s September Employee of Excellence


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