Reminder Regarding Social Media Posts, Photos, Videos and the News Media

September 14, 2018

Please take note of the following guidelines regarding social media posts, photos, videos and the news media:

  • All contact with news media (including via social media) must be cleared through the NHRMC Marketing and Public Relations Office.

  • We are proud of our staff and love to celebrate the NHRMC family. If you would like to share a NHRMC-related photo on social media, please submit it to [email protected].

  • In addition, Yammer is available for use directly by NHRMC employees to share photos and department events and activities.

The NHRMC Social Networking policy states “any information regarding NHRMC's patients or its business operations published on any social networks is done so either by, or with the oversight of NHRMC's Marketing & Public Relations Department.

Please consider and abide by the following two corporate policies:

If you have any questions, please contact the Marketing Department - [email protected].