August Flow and Throughput Update: Interdisciplinary Rounds, Discharge Dependent Order, Vacant Bed Reports

August 27, 2018
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Teams working on improving how patients move through our system are reporting the following updates in August:

  • Interdisciplinary Rounds are now live on seven floors in the tower, bringing care teams together with patients and families to coordinate plans of care and preparation for discharge.
  • The average time between a discharge order being entered and the patient actually being discharged is going down.
  • Discharge dependent order priority has been developed.  Providers and nursing education is occurring. This alerts radiology when a discharge is dependent on results of a test so they can prioritize the order.
  • Reporting is being done on how long beds are vacant to identify opportunities for filling them more quickly.

The Flow and Throughput project is a comprehensive effort to improve the efficiency and quality of care for our patients by eliminating barriers faced by our providers and staff. Focus areas include access and bed management, inpatient length of stay, interdisciplinary rounds, and case management.