Daily Caplets Will Help Reduce Email Clutter

August 28, 2018

In June, NHRMC received more than 2,400 responses to a communications survey. We thank you for taking the time to share your opinions, and we are using the acquired information to make some changes. The survey was a product of a group working on the Optimizing Engagement piece of the NHRMC Strategic Plan. An informed workforce is an engaged workforce, and we are working to make sure you receive information clearly and efficiently.

In the survey, we separated the information into Urgent, Need to Know, and Nice to Know. We also asked you to identify how you work: At a personal computer, access to a shared computer or very limited computer access.

The results showed that the majority of NHRMC staff members preferred to receive most communications through email. For Need to Know and Nice to Know messages, email was overwhelmingly the No. 1 preference among all three groups.

But our employees have also made it clear that the frequent buzz of new email can disrupt your attention to work matters.

Combining Many Emails Into a Daily Caplets

The NHRMC marketing department is working to reduce the number of All Company emails. We will be able to accomplish this by including more information in the What’s New and Calendar sections of CapsLive. This will be condensed into a daily dose of Caplets, our electronic newsletter which had been published twice per week.

Scanning Caplets daily will provide you the information you need on volunteer opportunities, fitness and nutrition opportunities, organizational changes, and upcoming events. If you ever miss a day of Caplets, rest assured that you’ll be able to find the necessary information on CapsLive.

As part of this change, you will notice a more robust calendar on CapsLive and in the daily Caplets. With a quick glance, you’ll be able to see all the events that are coming up at NHRMC.

The primary use for All Company email will be for emergency communications, including unplanned systems interruptions.

Most other communications will be distributed through CapsLive and Caplets. If other audiences need to know or need to be reminded of the information, the Marketing Department will use other methods (Yammer, Huddle flyer, video boards) to convey the information.

The exception to this plan is urgent messages, which include equipment downtime, emergency information and information about active surveys on our campuses. Survey respondents said they prefer to receive urgent messages via text. So we are exploring the best options for sending information to mobile phones, including Voalte phones. 

We also are exploring the possibility of adding more video screens to employee areas. These screens would primarily serve to bring awareness to an event or project or serve as reminders.

Understanding NHRMC Communication Methods

For reference, here are the primary means of internal communications employed by the NHRMC marketing department.

  • CapsLive (continuously updated): Your online resource for all NHRMC information. The most vital information will appear in the What’s New section, but be sure to scroll down and look through our regularly updated categories, such as: Kudos, People, Wellness, and Mission.
  • Caplets (daily): A condensed version of CapsLive delivered to your inbox.
  • Huddle Flyer (weekly): Important information for managers and coordinators to share with their staffs.
  • Video Screens: These will be employed in the SkyBridge, Medical Staff Office and possibly other locations in the future. The messages here will be short and will serve only as reminders.
  • All Company email: This will be used more sparingly than in the past. All Company email will be used to share urgent messaging that affects most or all of the organization. Primarily this will be used by Information Services to share important information about unexpected downtimes.
  • Flyers: NHRMC discourages the use of flyers taped to walls or doors to convey messages.
  • Emergency Communications: Emergency communications will be sent through direct email, text alerts to mobile phones, overhead communications, and banner notifications at the top of the CapsLive home page. 


How do I get my message on CapsLive or in Caplets?

Fill out the Marketing Announcement Request. You can find it from the CapsLive home page by clicking on Business Support/Marketing & Communications Project Request/ Marketing Request. Please include photos and any other attachments that should be included with the post.

How much notice do I need to give the marketing department?

Please give at least 48 hours’ notice to ensure your message is posted in a timely fashion. If you need the Marketing Department to gather information or do extensive rewriting, we need 7 days’ notice.

Who do I contact if I need help with CapsLive or Caplets?
Michael Voorheis, 667.3848
Maddy Eversole, 667.6348
Dave Miller, 667.3847

To submit a request to the Marketing Department, click here.