Catherine Hankins Named August Employee of Excellence

August 08, 2018
Hankins EOE

NHRMC  employees all have a range of duties we are expected to perform. When you do them exceptionally well, others notice. You are a credit to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and our mission.

Some employees, though, take on tasks that are far beyond the scope of their jobs. They continue to help their own patients long after they have left the normal parameters of our care. They do things for patients for whom they bear no responsibility. They offer to share their knowledge with anyone in the community who can benefit.

They do this not because they are looking for recognition from their supervisor. They do this because they are truly invested in doing what they can to improve the health of every patient and community member.

Catherine Hankins is one of these employees. A registered dietitian in the clinical nutrition department, Catherine has dedicated her career to helping cancer patients become stronger and healthier.

She takes care of her patients at Zimmer Cancer Center, recommending dietary choices that will give them strength during treatment and recovery. And she shares her expertise far beyond our cancer center.

She volunteers in the community and has been a panelist at the Live Strong Program at the YMCA. In fact, she is one of the most requested speakers for cancer patients due to the value of the information she provides.

Not all of our patients are treated regularly at Zimmer Cancer Center. Some are seen by our oncology team at Cape Fear Cancer Specialists in Leland. These patients are not under Catherine’s purview, but she calls to help them anyway. They need the knowledge, and she is the expert, so she helps.

Catherine also finds time to go above and beyond for every cancer patient she meets. Long after the Zimmer doors are locked and the patients are back in their homes, Catherine can be found scouring a food bank’s supplies or lobbying to get her hands on some nearly expired nutritional supplements. She uses every available avenue to help her patients, who often don’t have the financial resources to access everything they need.

Sometimes Catherine buys food with her own money and delivers it to patients’ homes. Other times, she arranges transportation for someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make an appointment.

Angela Lago, Manager of Clinical Nutrition, wrote:

“There have been numerous times that Catherine has gone to food banks and delivered food to her patients. She's gone to the grocery store and purchased items as needed. She has delivered tube feeding formula to patients’ homes and arranged for patients to receive tube feeding via donation, charity care or through a new collaboration with the NHRMC Foundation. She loves her patients and it shines through on a daily basis.

If she sees a need, she does not stop until she sees that the need has been met.

She is the essence of Ownership, Communication, Teamwork and Compassion.”

For her selfless dedication to our patients and our community members, please congratulate Catherine Hankins, the NHRMC August
Employee of Excellence!


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