Versus Technology Aims to Improve Flow of Patients

May 13, 2018

NHRMC is beginning work to implement a new program that will help us better manage the flow of patients and resources through the hospital, improving timeliness of care and patient satisfaction. This all being achieved by turning over rooms faster and getting patients to their right site of care more quickly.

Versus Technology, uses wearable real-time (RTLS) devices and electronic sensors to identify the location of people and equipment as they move around the facility.  With built-in notifications, the system will reduce manual entries, phone calls, search times, and wait times. 

Here’s How it Works:

A wearable real-time (RTLS) device is placed on all patients, staff and even certain medical equipment. Each can then be monitored and located via the Versus system. In a quick snapshot, hospital staff will be able to see where patients and staff are located, view room availability, monitor patient status including wait times and length of stay, and even be alerted when patients and equipment leave designated areas.

Versus grid


Versus Technology is a recognized system that helps make significant improvements and advancements in several key areas: 

  1. Patient Flow – All patients will be monitored in real-time with various reporting functions, including how long they’ve been waiting, whether they are ready to be seen by a physician or ready for an x-ray, and even determine their next stage of care in the hospital.


  2. Safety – Alerts can be sent to staff when patients wonder into restricted areas. Caregivers will be able to immediately locate life-critical assets when needed. Nurses and other employees will also be able to call for help anytime, anywhere – for emergencies or to help with patients.


  3. Improved Communication – Alerts will be sent when rooms are available for use. 

Pilot Program:

Over the next few months, the Versus project team will be working with front line leaders, staff and patients  to determine the best process for the Versus platform within our system. A full rollout of the system is planned for fall 2018. Updates will be provided to staff as efforts continue in bringing this innovative technological solution to our system.