NHRMC Launches Our Community Link to Connect Patients to Local Resources

May 30, 2018
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NHRMC is introducing an online tool to make it easier to find free and reduced-cost resources.  Through the Our Community Link web page (www.ourcommunitylink.com) or the Our Community Link application link on capslive, users can access a free database of agencies that provide care for those in need, including housing, food, transportation, education and medical care. They can then connect directly with those local services for themselves, their loved ones, or a client they’re trying to assist.

The resource is part of NHRMC’s health equity strategic plan initiative, which looks beyond traditional medical care to address the social factors that can stand in the way of a person achieving better health.  The team is collaborating with partner agencies throughout the region to connect those in need with appropriate resources. The database will continue to evolve as we learn of new programs in our community.

The webpage will be available to the public on June 1.