NHRMC Welcomes 41 New Employees at April 30 Orientation

May 01, 2018

Fourteen nurses were among the 41 new employees introduced at New Employee Orientation on April 30. NHRMC, recently named to the Forbes list of America's Best Employers, is in the process of hiring 200 new nurses to meet rising census demands and to prepare for the opening of the orthopedic hospital on the main campus in 2019.

Please welcome all of your new co-workers!

  1. Amber Adams, MA II
  2. Marcia Barefoot, Buyer
  3. Robert Becker, Security Officer
  4. Bob Bogle, Medical Tech.
  5. Karen Boswell, MRT Tech.
  6. Virginia Carano, Staff Nurse
  7. Martha Chinery, Staff Nurse
  8. Michaela Clarke, Staff Nurse
  9. Sabrina Corbett, Central Sterile Assistant
  10. Cassandra Davis, Health Info. Tech.
  11. Samantha Fiedorowicz, Reg. Resp. Therapist
  12. Kayla Goodwin, Staff Nurse
  13. Laneka Gregg, Staff Nurse
  14. James Guyette, Ingredient Clerk
  15. Amanda Hertz, Dining Associate
  16. Christina Hobbs, CAN
  17. Dianne Ingram, Sitter
  18. Robin Lemley, Cafeteria Asst. II
  19. Catherine Machek, Staff Nurse
  20. Benjamin Mayhew, Staff Nurse
  21. Carmen Melendez, CT Tech.
  22. Molly Mills, Prescription Tech.
  23. Doreen Murphy, Patient Experience Rep.
  24. Tiffani Newton, Staff Nurse
  25. Kemely Pickett, Special Police Officer
  26. Paige Pizer, Nurse Aide I
  27. Courtney Ribet, Phlebotomy Tech II
  28. Logan Richardson, Nurse Aide I
  29. Kimberly Robinson, Health Unit Clerk
  30. Samantha Romanelli, Staff Nurse
  31. Ariel Russell, Cafeteria Asst. II
  32. Brittney Smith, CT Tech.
  33. Stephanie Smith, Staff Nurse
  34. Marlo Stamper, Staff Nurse
  35. Stacey Stokes, Staff Nurse
  36. Carlena Thacker, Staff Nurse
  37. Courtney Tipton, ED Tech.
  38. Crystal Wainright, Support Specialist
  39. Wendy Warshauer, Staff Nurse
  40. Florence Williams, Nurse Aide I
  41. James Wills, Mgr. Cost Accounting