New NHRMC Patient Facility Construction Update

May 03, 2018

This is the first of a series of monthly updates for the new NHRMC patient facility under construction. 

Details were announced this week regarding the layout of the new NHRMC patient facility including floor/bed utilization. Until an official name is given to the new building, internally it is being described as the “North Tower." 

New North Tower: 

The three new floors being constructed atop the Surgical Pavilion will be as follows:

Floor 3:

  • Orthopedics – The Orthopedic Hospital will move from its current location at Wrightsville Avenue and will be housed on floor 3 of the new facility.

Floor 4: 

  • Spine and Ortho Trauma -  Both departments will allocate beds on floor 4 of the new facility. 
  • Specialty Surgery (plastics, urology, ortho, OMF, ENT, bariatrics) – All departments will move from their current locations to floor 4 of the new North Tower

Floor 5: 

  • Flex for Spine and Specialty Surgery during the busier mid-week as well as all surgery census increases 

Existing South Tower:

With the move of various departments to the new “North Tower,” changes in utilization of the existing South tower will be as follows: 

Floor 4:

Existing commonly ‘held’ patients will move from their alternate care locations to the appropriate IP floor location.
  • 18 medicine beds from the ED alt space will be housed on floor 4 of the existing tower 
  • 10 Stroke Unit beds will move from floor 7 to floor 4. Two additional beds will be added to the Stroke Unit on floor 4 to bring their total to 12 
  • PCU will add 10 new beds
  • 6 surgical beds (from PACU holds) will be housed on either floor 4 or floor 5 of the new North tower 

In total 36 new inpatient beds will be created, relieving the alternate bed space locations in the ED and PACU.

Future expansion will be obtainable with 36 flex beds available for a later need determination. This need will be evaluated throughout this year and next year so that any adjustments can be made in the most appropriate fashion to meet any new identified need. 


Construction of the "North Tower" is currently on track to be completed by November 2019. 

Stay in the Know:

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